What is Climate Change

What is Climate Change

Changing is the most common word in the world. Changing is fated no one can defeat. Sometimes it occurs intentionally or unintentionally. Climate Change is now a major global concern. Climate Change is a long-term change in the pattern of weather and average temperature across the world.

Earth is one and only planet in the universe which is suitable for living. But the current earth was not exactly like that in the past time, also it will be not able to like that in the future. The most changeable matter of earth is the climate. Climate Change is a long-term process. Human is the main culprit for climate change. The dramatic change started happening 11000 years before the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution is started in the 1800s when humans started establishing an industry. Due to the industrial revolution, humans began to burn fossil fuels like gas, oils, coal for fuel. Burning fossil produced energy as well as a big amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous monoxide. All this gas is responsible for greenhouse effects. Over time this large amount of quantities is mixed up with the atmosphere.

Climate Change is happening every day, week, month or even every second. It related to changes in ocean, land surface, ice sheet occurring over time scales or decades. So for considering any persistent as a climate change, it should be for a long time – usually at least 30 years. Climate Change is arriving rapidly than a past time. Climate Change is happening every moment but it leaves its impact for thousands of years. Temperature, humidity, wind, rainfall, sun’s radiation, volcanoes or internal variability all are part of the weather, the climate system is depended on all those things. Climate Change may be considered a natural process but mostly this change is influenced by a human.

The Earth’s climate can be affected by natural factors that are external to the climate system, such as changes in volcanic activity, solar output, and the Earth’s orbit around the Sun. Climate also can be affected by particles and aerosols. Although some particles and aerosols are produced by volcanoes and marine plankton from a natural source. Carbon dioxide is the main contribution of humans to climate change. On the other hand, deforestation is spreading day by day. Which is the natural way to decrease Carbon dioxide and can make a barrier to greenhouse effects. Another greenhouse gas nitrous oxide which can stay in the atmosphere for a very long time. Other substances only produce short-term effects. Humen burn fossil fuels as well as cut down trees. One hand helps to climate change the other hand stops the natural defense movement. If this situation is going on like this it becomes very hard to survive on this earth. Actually once the time will come when it’s totally impossible for all lives to survive. One by one many animals is now totally vanished from the earth. Because they couldn’t maintain themselves with the overall change of climate. When it’s a matter of human they have sensed how to survive. But how can they handle all of this circumstance is going to out of hand literally. So now it’s time to do a big shot against the threat of climate change.


Rowshon Ara/RA -02/2019

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