The effect of Technology

The effect of Technology

It’s in 2019. Now we are living in the modern era. From day to night we are using Technology and with the blessings of science everyday new innovation comes to our hand. Of course, there are good effects as well as some bad effects also. It depends on us how to use those.

Are you still depend on the sun to know the actual time? Exactly not, we use watch to know the time and every day they watch is updated. Like in the past time hand watch, the wall clock is very common but now it’s very rare even many houses don’t have it. Technology adds many features in one phone, the clock is one of them. Again technology makes a change. It adds the Mobile feature to watch .it’s very fashionable and comfortable also. Now the young generation has a digital watch in their hands which is not only used for showing time. That’s why now having a watch is totally restricted in any kind of exam Hall.

Another part of our lives is education. Now technology changes the process of learning dramatically. In the past time, we have depended only on books, newspapers, educational institution and that was for a particular time. Now we can learn from anywhere, anytime by tutorial video, online article, news portal, newsletter, e-book, PDF file many much. It’s called e-learning. Really in the past time, the educational system was so hard and expensive. People bought many types of books, newspapers, go to the library, carried those in bags, made a special desk or room for books. But now we can keep thousands of books on our electronic device, that’s very easy and cheap. Any kind of information we don’t need to go to that place or read a typical book or newspaper. We can easily grab all information just go to search Engine type the keywords information come in front of us.

The world is changing so rapidly. Technology fully changed the earning livelihood process also. There is much independent work in online life no need to do particular 8 hours of office work still people can earning a good amount. Freelancing is a very popular profession all over the world especially those who want to do independent work. Online shopping is now very common everywhere because people don’t waste their single second for roaming in the market. They choose it to concretion their lives with a busy schedule. That opened a new door for e-commerce where people can buy anything from any area in the world. Online transaction is so easy and safe method for any kind of money transaction and time-saving also. That’s a special blessing for tourists.

Technology has some bad effects also like most useful electronic device mobile, a laptop is usually attached to the human body. The radiation of this device can create many health diseases. Eyes and ears are most affected by this problem specially the children. The extra use of technology is an addiction. Now Most of the young generation are addicted to this addiction. They are wasting their time playing an unusual game, visiting a porn site, bullying and blackmailing others on social sites, doing crimes. Many are waking full night for online life that hampered their health and creates many health issues. People have knowledge about the moon but they don’t know who is living in the next door. They are becoming self-centered. The cordiality is decreasing day by day. But still, Technology is trying to solve it’s all flaw. Above all technology is power not punishment.

Rowshon Ara/RA -01/2019

Rowshon Ara
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  1. Yea you said very well.
    For the technology we are improving our life Daily.
    The technology is effective now in every sector, education to social work every where is technology.
    For this era we are benefited from some side.


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