Royal Jelly Miracle Cure For Your Beauty

What is Royal Jelly?

 Royal jelly is also the name of the special liquid that the worker bees secrete to feed the queen  bee It is a jelly-like, milky substance composed of honey, bee pollen and enzymes from what are called the pharyngeal glands of bees. The substance is reserved for the larvae, from which a new queen bee is supposed to develop. The selected “queens” grow larger and stronger than the rest of the bees thanks to the juice.

Royal jelly is also valued in naturopathy because it is rich in  valuable ingredients to  which some health-promoting properties are attributed.

Royal jelly: Effect On Your Beauty And Health

Royal jelly effect on your beauty and health

Honey is already known for its positive effects on health and beauty, but royal jelly takes it one step further:

  • it strengthens the immune system and stimulates self-healing
  • your energy level increases: tiredness, depressive moods are caused by the

    contained proteins and vitamin B complexes

  • The jelly has an appetizing effect
  • The antibacterial effect brings many advantages for your skin and organism

The reason for the positive properties are ingredients such as proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates from the sugar of bee pollen, healthy fatty acids, vitamin B complex, minerals such as calcium and iron…

Royal jelly can be bought fresh in honey or drinking ampoules. It can also be found in health food stores (but also in online shops) in freeze-dried capsule or powder form. Enriched with vitamin C, almond oil or grape seed oil , it unfolds its anti-aging effect . Used as a body lotion or face cream, it prevents annoying wrinkles and is also effective against eczema and acne. It is said to stimulate collagen production in the skin and protect it from UV damage.

But not only the skin is happy about the feed juice, hair and nails  also benefit from the unique effect of royal jelly! Hair and nails are cared for and strengthened thanks to the amino acids.

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