Some possibilities of quantum computers

Some possibilities of quantum computers

If you listen to the discussion of quantum computing, you would think that there is something called science fiction. But we have reached the edge of a computer technology that disregards logic and even fails to imagine. The transistors used by the computer are so small that they can be fabricated only with handheld technology. So computer inventors have begun to look for possible solutions at the nuclear and ultra-nuclear levels, known as quantum computing. Big companies in the tech world have begun a fierce competition to create sustainable quantum computers and are trying to market them commercially. Quantum computers will be able to provide computing power, which is not possible for conventional classical computers. It can solve any kind of problem very quickly.

Let’s learn about the use of the quantum computer:

New computing beyond logic:

Quantum physicsTo understand the working of quantum computing, one must first know what a quantum computer is. Quantum physics has rejected logic or logic since the first atomic research was conducted in the early 20th century. Quantum particles can move back and forth at the same time, staying in two places at the same time. Quantum particles can move back and front at the same time, staying in two places at the same time. That means a quantum particle or a particle of the atomic dimension can be in the same state at all times. Because of this strange behavior, researchers are thinking of taking advantage of quantum computers.

The timing of calculations will be reduced: The current computer runs as a bit. But the quantum computer will be run as a qubit. The current computer basically stores the data in bits. This bit is a binary ‘0’ or ‘1’ representation, which acts as an electrical or photodetector. This bytes method is made up of eight bits of matching bytes, which is usually capable of storing a signal. Then what is the qubit actually? It also uses a 0-1 binary to store data. But not differently, with one way. Likely quantum is the particle of the substance and the religion of the waves described in the theory of quantum. This is because, in the quantum world, the same particle can be in one place at the same time, and its movement between the wave and the particle movement is also quite simple. This is the main strength of a quantum computer, which enables it to store many data simultaneously with a coefficient of 0-1. It will multiply its strength, not double. Because his energy increases at a geometric rate. For example, if 4 digits can be stored in two cubits, three cubits will go to 8, and four cubits will be able to save 16 numbers. It also gives the ability to perform multiple calculations at the same time. Every day we access a lot of data and information. It takes a lot of computing power to extract meaningful insights from the data that is processed. The quantum computer will save that time.

The impossible will be possible: Suppose a problem takes billions of years to complete, but by a quantum computer that can be solved in a few seconds. That means a quantum computer can solve almost impossible mathematical problems. What was once considered impossible, will not be impossible? Quantum computers will move behind the conventional computer.

Data security: Many people consider encryption to be sufficient for information security. But virtual encryption that is not possible to break encryption can be created. This will change the data security situation. Quantum computers can break most of the current encryption methods. Instead, there will be alternatives to stop hacking.

All in one: Quantum computers can be called an all-rounder. On a traditional computer, tasks such as mail, spreadsheet or desktop publishing can be done well. However, the goal of creating a quantum computer is different.
It can be used as a tool to solve various problems. For example, a quantum computer can be used to determine the exact flight schedule of an airport.

quantum computers problemsKing of motion: Google recently announced the achievement of supremacy on quantum computers. The report, published in the famous science journal Nature, says that google’s quantum team has gone a step further in quantum computing. Google’s sycamore processor has been able to complete a calculation in three minutes, which takes about 10,000 years to make by the most current powerful computer. According to Catherine Mcgeoch, a researcher at the university of Amhurst, quantum computers are thousands of times faster than conventional computers.

Big data solutions:
Big data solutionsEvery day we are generating 2.5 exabytes of data, which is equal to laptop’s 50 lacs content. No computer will analyze this huge data repository. It is possible for a quantum computer to meet the needs of the big data era by processing such information. The era of machines is coming in the future. Data will also be created from each of the smaller devices. A quantum computer will be able to accurately analyze these data.

Affordable electricity: Quantum computers don’t need too much electricity. It will use less than one thousand times less electricity because a method called quantum tunneling is used to reduce the cost of electricity. Besides, this computer is fragile, any kind of vibration can create anomalies by affecting the atom.

Advanced software and machine learning: A number of algorithms have already been created for quantum computers. Among these, Grover’s algorithm for finding an unstructured database, and every algorithm is significant for a large number of applications. Once a durable quantum computer is created, machine learning will help reduce the time needed to solve problems.

Mainly Quantum computers can make all those possible operations which are impossible by classical computers. But that doesn’t mean that quantum computer advantage will replace the classical computers suddenly. It’s more about proving that quantum computing is able to offer compelling solutions more efficiently.

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