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How does the computer look? Usually, the computer looks like a square box with a CPU, monitor, and mouse. Now scientist spends their sweat on making a computer which will look like an inverse cake. Exactly when hanging four or five layers of cakes upside down, just like that. There will be many metallic cylinders and compressive wire. Above all underneath there will be a small black chip. This quaint device will be called a quantum computer. The scientist thinks that computers will change the entire technology world fully.

How will the change really be like? There are some ‘but’ in this section. This quantum computer is completely new compared to the current computer system. A supercomputer takes a thousand years to solve a complex calculation where the quantum computer can solve that in just a few seconds. The new medicine can be discovered by a quantum computer. The discovery of new substances will also bring revolutionary momentum. In a line, a quantum computer will create a new era in the technology world. The full computer science will be changed.

There is some black side also. There is some issue with the quantum computer. Now the whole world is living under a root because of the Internet. Everyone is so connected, the distance is reduced. The world is becoming small, that’s why we called the world as a global village. We can express our little emotions through social media even important money transactions. At present this internet connection follows some encryption. This encryption is created by cryptography. Being encrypted keeps the internet safe and prevents user information from being lost. But the problem is that the quantum computer can be proved as a killer for present internet encryption. The quantum computer can hack present internet cryptography just a second. So if quantum computer technology falls into the hands of a malicious hacker, the data of billions of internet users around the world will be at risk! Even important state data, the information will not be safe. Secret intelligence and defense information will no longer be kept secret.

What are cryptography and encryption?
quantum computersUpward there are 2 words cryptography and encryption. I don’t give you any kind of big academic definition. Let’s go through a simple example, I feel it will be easy for you to understand. Think you fall in love and you wanted to give a message to your partner but this is not so easy because anyone can read your message. So what can you do in this situation? There is a way that you can give the message to your partner and also nobody can understand what is actually you write. This process name is encryption and for this encryption, you have to know cryptography. I mean how to write an undecipherable message. As an example,” I love you. ” It’s not encryption but,”eovl I ouy.” This can be considered as encryption. You feel it’s too easy but what about now, “9 1215225 251521”. I don’t think it isn’t so simple to anyone who can understand. People may be considered any phone number. According to the English alphabet, the latter of the position really has meaning.

       I          L, O,   V, E         Y, O,   U
       9        12,15,22, 5        25,15, 21

What am I actually writing it’s not cryptography, not even encryption. I make it as my wish, just for example. But the actual process of encryption that message is known as an ‘encrypted message’. In the term of cryptography, the message will be meaningless generally but undecipherable. Encryption can also be described as the conversion of information from a readable state to apparent nonsense. So this is so complex to realize what actually wrote. For understanding ‘encrypted message’ your partner also have the ability to understand. This special technique named is cryptography and who have this ability they know as a cryptographer. They do all this in a mathematical formula. This formula is specifically known as the “encryption algorithm.” All this process, formula, the study of years a cryptographer use for the purpose of not understand the important information by any third party.

Now switch to cyber cryptography and encryption. Cryptography is a specialized area of cybersecurity. Kaspersky Lab has defined it as follows: “Cryptography is the study of secure communications techniques that allow only the sender and intended recipient of a message to view its contents. In addition, cryptography also covers the obfuscation of information in images using techniques such as microdots or merging.” Now cryptography is the fundamental technology used to protect information as it travels over the Internet. Every day, encryption is used to protect the content of web transactions, email, newsgroups, chat, web conferencing, and telephone calls as they are sent over the Internet. So, in your internet life, encryption is the shield that gives you the courage to share your information freely in the internet world.

The future quantum computer and encryption:
quantum computersPreviously I note down that quantum computers will change the current technology world fully. Think your secret is unsafe, hackers know your inbox message, phone number, birth date, bank account number, credit card password. How will you feel? This is gonna happen to you with a quantum computer. Quantum computing will break your encryption in a few years. Modern public-key encryption is currently good enough to meet enterprise requirements, according to experts. We are soon going to get a more powerful quantum computer for the sake of advanced physics. Such future devices would still be able to decrypt present-day communications, allowing anyone to decrypt data transmitted today. So now it’s time to start developing quantum-safe cryptography even before the quantum computer is built.  The field of quantum-safe cryptography, also called post-quantum or quantum-resistant cryptography, aims to construct public-key cryptosystems that are believed to be secure even against quantum computers. Now the world is waiting for the result of a superpower quantum computer instead of a safe internet life on the basis of quantum-resistant cryptography.

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