Colorful French Nails

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Colorful nail polishes, elegant nude tones or unusual nail designs? We show you the 5 most exciting nail trends for spring 2022! There’s nothing we like to adapt to the season like our nails. Loud statement colors in summer, atmospheric orange or brown in autumn, deep red and green tones in winter and pastel colors come into play in spring. Not really surprising, is it? Pastel ice nuances are again very popular in spring this year, but the nail trends for spring 2022 definitely have more to offer and a surprise or two up their sleeves. We’ll tell you which nail polish colors and designs you absolutely have to try.

Nail Trends Spring 2022: Pear Green

When everything starts to turn green again in spring and the world becomes a little more colorful again, then of course we can’t avoid sporting these colors on our nails. This spring we are very enthusiastic about this radiant pear green . The light green nail polish immediately puts you in a good mood even on rainy spring days, we promise!

Checkmate: This Pattern Dominates Our Nails In Spring

Admittedly, raising enthusiasm for the game of chess may be a little difficult for some, but the pattern is a real eye-catcher in terms of fashion and beauty. In 2022, the checkerboard pattern is one of the biggest trends of the year , which is why we naturally wear the cool design on our nails. Whether classic in black and white or in colorful alternatives such as apricot and red the nail design convinces with its simple elegance . Speaking of simple: You can paint a checkerboard pattern on your nails quickly and easily . As I said, you only need two different nail polish colors and a very fine nail art brush.

  • First paint your nails in one of the two selected colors. It is best to choose the lighter nuance here.
  • Then use the other nail polish to draw a vertical line and a horizontal line, creating a cross in the center of the nail.
  • Now fill in the diagonal boxes with the polish the trend nails for spring 2022 are done!

Coffee Nails: We Love These Colors In 2022

Coffee Nails
Coffee Nails

We like to get the caffeine kick with our favorite hot drink and in spring 2022 we will even paint our nails with the most beautiful coffee nuances available! Espresso black-brown, milk coffee beige, latte macchiato nude, caramel macchiato brown and crème à la milk froth Coffee Nails get our hearts beating faster in spring without any caffeine!

Colorful French Nails Bring Color Into Play

Colorful French Nails
Colorful French Nails

Do you like wearing classic French nails with white tips? Try something new! You don’t have to do without the elegant manicure for this. But on the white paint! Because in 2022, colorful French nails will be absolutely trendy again in spring.

Of course, all doors are open to you when it comes to choosing a color . If you don’t want it to be too gaudy, go for creamy pastel shades . These are beautifully subtle , but still offer a color change from classic white!

You can conjure up perfect French nails yourself in just a few minutes with the help of a gel pad.

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