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DJI – Introducing Phantom 4 Pro

The Phantom 4 Pro camera has an F2.8 aperture mechanical shutter and large one-inch sensor Coming together to make brighter more detailed imagery Records cinematic 4K video at higher bit rates with more advanced compression and a wider dynamic range 4K 60 frames per second recording gives you stunning detailed …

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The Best Drone for Beginners in 2021

if you decided you wanted to buy a drone there are a lot of options out there hey if you don’t know me my name is jake and i create content to help solo creators on the go so i test and review drones cameras lenses and other video related …

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Phantom 4 Pro , review and drone backpack!

Hi guys, how’s it going? I’m in a hurry because the sun is about to set. I do this every time I do a drone unboxing and I lose all of my daylight. But today we’re going to be unboxing the Phantom 4 Pro, I’m pretty excited about this because …

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Quarantine Drone Review

– Hey guys, it’s Justine, and today we’re doing a drone review in quarantine. Yeah, definitely something that I never thought I would be doing, but here we are, and we’re gonna make this happen. This is the new Mavic Air 2, and I do plan on doing a follow-up …

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Property in Florida For Under 80,000 Pounds

To secure Florida ownership for £80,000, you’ll need the calm mind and patience of a saint. Many Florida real estate agents are currently offering surprisingly attractive properties at very low prices that offer positive value for money for those of us who are passionate about the two-for-one exchange rate. Unfortunately, …

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