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Kia Rio 2014 review

The Rio may not be such an obvious supermini buy as something like the Ford Fiesta, but that’s not to say this tiger-nose wearing model should be underestimated. There’s its decent kit levels, practicality and of course Kia’s sought after seven-year warranty. So, for those who may find the likes …

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Huawei SERES SF5 Electric Car Review

Huawei is not only making good mobile phones, but also cars So today we are gonna hands on… Not hands on? How to call it? Just like a ride, hehe Yeah, let’s take a ride, let’s go! First, let’s start with this brand SERES. According to Huawei, SERES is one …

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The Audi Car of the Future – Audi Skysphere

All right sergey watch this ready yeah all right look oh i’ve seen that car in the you seen this before where’s the driver there what kind of sorcery is this what is this it’s this this is a fully autonomous car of the future from audi yeah this is …

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