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Phantom 4 Pro , review and drone backpack!

Hi guys, how’s it going? I’m in a hurry because the sun is about to set. I do this every time I do a drone unboxing and I lose all of my daylight. But today we’re going to be unboxing the Phantom 4 Pro, I’m pretty excited about this because it comes with an integrated screen and it’s much brighter for outdoors. And if you’ve flew a drone without any sort of coverage over the top of either your iPhone or whatever it is that you’re flying with, it’s so difficult to see in bright situations, but hopefully this little guy will be bright enough to alleviate all of those issues for all of us. Let’s open it up, set this up. I also got myself a nice little drone backpack, so that I can take this home for the holidays. I am so glad that it comes with this protective case again because this is such a great case. (case unlocking) Oh yeah, baby, look at you! So with the added sensors in the new Phantom 4 Pro, I do get a little reckless when I’m out flying, so thank you for those. Our controller, they gave us a different color bag this time. All the charging gear, cables, directions. The camera looks to be a little bit larger than the previous Phantom 4. Look at the little screen, it looks just like a little iPhone. I just feel like this controller is so big, it’s so great, just carrying that mammoth around, like it’s incredible. I also got this because one of the things with flying drones, if you’ve never done it before, batteries tend to die quite quickly.

Although the battery life is improved on the Phantom 4 Pro, and on the Mavic, it’s still pretty good, but you only get about 27 minutes of flight time, which in reality when you’re flying is actually quite a long time. So this is the battery charger that will allow you to charge three batteries at the same time. Gives you a charging option and a storage option if you just wanna be able to store your batteries. It also has a micro USB charging port right here. I’m going to be interested to see how the battery life is on this controller now that I have this integrated screen, because usually the controller batteries are pretty good. So the screen is about the same size as an iPhone 7 Plus, it’s a little bit smaller. So satisfying. Let’s boot this up. (electronic beeping) It definitely needs charged. Get some agreements, I agree. Let’s hop on our wi-fi. Oh God, this isn’t English! That’s not English! This isn’t English. Oh my God, how do I use, how do I do this? This is not English. So I’m struggling to type on this keyboard so it kept (mumbles) but it is doing a setup What I’ve been doing is, I’m actually just holding down the key and then I can select the letter, because for whatever reason, it is definitely not working well with an English keyboard, but it is working perfectly fine if I hold it down, but I have to hold that down for each letter. It’s booting up, baby. (electronic beeping) Love that sound! So hopefully you guys can see it, it’s still doing its updates, but this is the Phantom, Phantom 4 Pro.

You guys can see, we’ve got the sensors on the sides, back, front and sensors on the bottom. So basically, if you crash this thing, you definitely didn’t have obstacle avoidance on. And here’s a controller comparison. Controller size looks almost exactly the same, same size, there’s really not a big difference. On the back, though, there is an additional few ports, there’s a micro USB, there’s a micro SD card slot, an HDMI out and another USB slot. (electronic beeping) No, that’s a bad idea! Bad idea! Bad idea! Oh shoot! Oh God! Why would I do that? (electronic buzzing) Yes, I am– Oh my God, I can’t land it. (laughs) Oh jeez. (electronic buzzing and beeping) Shoot. (electronic buzzing) Don’t do that, and if that ever does happen, you’re (laughs) gonna have to hop it, turn off obstacle avoidance, because it wouldn’t allow me to move it to the left, to the right, to the front, to the forward, to the back, to the right, to the down, because the obstacle avoidance was on. So I had to turn that off and gently guide my baby boy, baby girl, whatever your sex is, whatever you identify with, over and be able to land it here. So, let’s go outside. Hello, hello. – Hello. – We gotta get the sunset. – (mumbles) – Where do we go? Where should we go, where should we go? – We can go, we can actually go anywhere ’cause I can fly four miles. – So can I. This is my first time actually flying the Phantom 4 outside of my house, so yeah, there’s that. (calm music) (uplifting music) (calm music) (uplifting music) So one of the best things about the controller is it’s super-bright. I think the screen brightness is 1000 nits. Hold on, let me find my drone before I continue saying what I want to say.

I think I’m in the clouds right now. (calm music) Shep, I should probably bring it down because it’s kind of windy. (bright violin music) Okay, we’re out here testing out the Phantom 4 Pro, I’ve been flying it for about two weeks now and it’s been really, really fun and a lot of people keep asking me, just saying, why do you decide to fly the Phantom 4 Pro over the Mavic or your Phantom 4. Mostly I fly the Mavic when I’m traveling or it’s easy to just sort of throw it in my bag, whereas the Phantom 4 is much bigger, so it takes a lot more time to set up. It’s a lot bigger, clearly, so that’s one of those things you have to plan for, but the Mavic is the everyday drone, like yo, you wanna go to the mall, I got my drone! Hey, you wanna go buy some shoes, I brought my drone with me, you know, something like that, right? – [Friend] Yeah. – So flying with the integrated modern controller of the Phantom 4 Pro is kind of cool, because it’s super bright, especially in really sunny days. So it’s actually way brighter than your iPhone, so you’re able to see a lot easier. A lot of people do fly with an iPad, so it gives you a much larger screen resolution so you’re able to see a little bit better, but I’ve been flying the Mavic so much that flying with a smaller screen, it’s really not that big of a deal. But if that’s something that you do prefer to do, then I definitely wouldn’t get the Phantom 4 with the integrated screen. But I like it, I like it! It’s nice, I don’t have to worry about plugging in the iPad. Let’s pack ‘er up.

I gotta show you guys this backpack, it’s incredible. I’ll put a link in the description if you guys wanna check it out, but I can fit so much stuff in there. It also has a way that you can hang your Phantom off of the back of the backpack, so you don’t actually have to take off all of the propellors. This goes in here. Got these little compartments for batteries. What, I wanted to get a 360 shot, but I can fit all of this stuff in there. Take these off, put this in there. You just flip this upside down, (zippers closing) and here’s the best part: I have a whole another drone up here! Crazy! Argh, I love drones, I love it so much. Side pockets, so I can fit chargers in there. And here it is, it’s huge. So I just realized I never ended this video. I had so much fun playing with the Phantom 4 Pro and what I really do love about the Phantom 4 Pro is the quality of the video is incredible. It’s a lot more crisp than the Mavic, but the Mavic is so incredible for portability, that if I was to choose between the two, I would definitely go with the Mavic, because for me, traveling with my drone is super-important.

I need to be able to have it with me at all times and not make sort of, a huge ordeal about setting up propellors and all that kind of stuff when I want to fly. The Mavic just goes. The Phantom 4 Pro, though, man, it’s cool. I love the integrated screen, especially when it’s bright outside, the screen is so bright that I didn’t have any issues with sun. The only problem that I did have was trying to film the screen because there was a lot of glare, but for me looking at the screen and flying, it was great. So all in all, I hope you guys enjoyed this little quick unboxing and reveal. I filmed this a really long time ago, like way before Christmas, I did the unboxing. But I figured I would post it anyway, because a lot of you guys were asking to see it, so here it is. My friend Nathan just got an Inspire 2 so I am going to beg him to take me and just watch him fly it, because I don’t ever ask people to fly their drones, because I don’t trust myself. (laughs) You can crash your own drone, I’ll crash my own drones, I don’t wanna be the one to crash somebody else’s. So that being said, I will see you guys in my next video. Bye. Like this one, I can just attach to my keyring, and this one’s a little bit bigger so this one I’m probably gonna throw in my luggage. I’m gonna throw this one in my wallet. It’s nice and slim, so it’s about the width of two credit cards. So these just connect to an iPhone app. You also have the ability to ping them, without making a noise, so if your item–

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