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Health insurance comparison 2022 New Opportunity #healthinsurance

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The statutory health insurance companies all offer a statutory catalog of services. In addition, the individual health insurance companies differ in a few points. Key differences include:

  • Amount of the additional contribution
  • Scope of Additional Services
  • Bonus and election programs for the insured

Since January 1, 2015, every health insurance company has been charging an individual additional contribution. How high this is depends on the finances of the health insurance companies. If the fund spends more than it takes in, it has to increase the additional contribution.

Special right of termination in the event of an increase*

If your health insurance company increases the additional contribution, you have a special right of termination. You can then switch health insurers before the end of the 12-month commitment period . The notice period is two full calendar months. For example, if you apply to switch to a new insurance company in January 2022, you can usually be insured with your new insurance company by April 1st, 2022. In the meantime, you are fully insured with your previous insurance company.

* Does not apply to voluntarily insured persons who have taken out an optional tariff for statutory sick pay .

Since 2019, the employer has also paid half of the additional contribution for employees , and the statutory pension insurance contributes half for pensioners. However, self-employed people and students who are no longer insured through their parents must pay the additional contribution themselves.

The additional contribution is levied by the health insurance companies in addition to the general contribution rate in the GKV of 14.6 percent of the income.

Free family Health insurance comparison

Free family Health insurance comparison
Free family Health insurance comparison

Unlike private health insurance , statutory health insurance offers free family insurance . The partner or the children are then also insured under certain conditions without having to pay their own contributions.

Optional additional services

The list of services is generally prescribed in statutory health insurance ( GKV ). The Fifth Social Code (SGB V) regulates that every person insured by statutory health insurance has the right to be treated adequately and according to the current medical status.

However, around five percent of health insurance benefits are voluntary additional benefits. The health insurance company is free to choose which special services it offers its insured persons.

For example, the insurance companies take on alternative therapy methods, additional check-ups for children or vaccinations that are not normally paid for.

You should therefore use our health insurance comparison to check which additional services individual health insurance companies offer.

Examples: Voluntary additional benefits from health insurance companies*

  • Osteopathic Treatments
  • Homeopathic Treatments
  • Allowance for professional teeth cleaning
  • Additional vaccinations
  • Additional check-ups
  • Discounted dentures

* Concrete offer depends on the respective health insurance company.

Bonus and election programs of the Health insurance comparison

Many health insurance companies reward their policyholders for health-conscious behavior. In most cases, the insured receive bonus points for certain activities – such as attending check-ups, joining a gym or maintaining a normal weight.

The insured then receives selected non-cash and performance bonuses, such as a voucher for professional tooth cleaning or a cash bonus. Such a premium from the health insurance companies is usually limited to 100 or 150 euros per year.

Health insurance comparison with CHECK24

Health insurance comparison with CHECK24
Health insurance comparison with CHECK24

Compare the statutory health insurance companies with the free insurance comparison from CHECK24. You can use our comparison calculator to compare the statutory health insurers in detail. Our health insurance calculator currently takes into account 60 health insurance companies that are open nationwide or only in certain federal states, and shows you how much you can save annually compared to your current health insurance company.

With our health insurance comparison, you can quickly gain an overview of the current contribution rate , additional services and bonus programs of the health insurance companies. Your advantage when searching for a health insurance company: You do not have to request the conditions from each health insurance company individually, but you can see at a glance how much you can save by switching health insurance companies.

We’ll make the change for you health insurance company

Once you have decided on a health insurance company, we will take care of everything else for you.
Simply select your new desired health insurance company in our comparison and enter all the necessary information for a change. This usually only takes a few minutes. We will then check your application and forward it to your new health insurance company as quickly as possible. If we need further documents, we will of course inform you.

Very important: It is not necessary to cancel your previous health insurance company, as you will be automatically deregistered there by your new health insurance company. We accompany this process until you finally hold your new health card in your hands. If you have any questions, our insurance experts are always available.

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