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With the right products and tools, hairstyling is quick and safe. We reveal the best hairstyling products and where to get them.

Bad hair day? With the right hairstyling, you can get your mane beautifully styled. We show you which tools and products you can use to optimize your styling.

Hairstyling: what is it?

Hairstyling is the big umbrella term for all the different ways you can wear your hair. This includes how and with what you prepare and style your hair. Styling the hair begins after washing the hair and includes all subsequent steps, such as blow-drying, straightening or curling, the styling products and ends after styling.

The best hairstyling products like from the hairdresser

Curly or straight hair, short or long we have put together the best hairstyling tools and products for styling your mane. Let’s go to the big hairstyling 101.

Hairstyling with a wave iron


For your hair styling, just like at the hairdresser, use professional heat tools such as a wave iron, which effortlessly curls your hair into beautiful waves. A wave iron is a type of triple curling iron that uses three barrels instead of just one heat iron to create elegant curls and waves. You don’t have to be skilled and twist each strand individually just place the hair between the heating plates, wait a moment and the Hollywood curls are ready.

Crimping iron for modern hairstyling

We’re big fans of the hair curler trend . With its grooves on the heating plates, it waves individual sections of hair into tight curls, wide waves or 90s crepe hair as you wish. The most important thing here is a good coating of the heating plates, which gently shapes your hair and distributes the heat evenly.

Pro tip: Use the lowest possible heat if you have thin, damaged, or colored hair.

Curling iron for short hair

The dream of curls is only for the long-haired? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! With a curling iron for short hair , you can also transform your hacked bob or bowl cut into an adorable mane of curls. The curling iron for short hair differs from a traditional curling wand in terms of shape. Most devices rely on an extremely thin heating rod. So you can effortlessly wind your shorter hair along.

Pure volume with a hot air brush

Tired of a multi-section styling routine? Without any other heat tools, you can dry your hair with a hot air brush on the one hand and shape it on the other. By twisting your damp hair onto the electric round brush, it blow-dries your hair, creating volume at the roots or sweeping ends.

Prepare hair for styling with hair care

In order to be able to style your hair perfectly, you need the right basis of shampoo, conditioner and deep care. We recommend using a cleansing shampoo once a week . In this way, weighing down deposits from your care are specifically removed and your hair is more receptive to the subsequent hair styling.

Use heat protection before styling your hair

With heat, your hair can be shaped and styled in any way you like. However, something that looks really good is anything but healthy for your hair: Regular blow-drying, straightening and curling attacks the hair fiber and makes it brittle and lackluster. In the worst case, you will encourage split ends and hair breakage .

Our hair styling tip: use aheat protection spray before each styling with a heat tool , which wraps around the hair and protects it from damage.

Make hairstyle last

A durable hairstyle without hairspray? Without us! Nothing in the world can fix your hairstyle as well as normal styling spray. You can tame small protruding baby hairs , avoid frizz and flyaway hair and defy wind and weather yourself. A fixing shine spray gives your new hairstyle an enviable wow effect.

Tip: “activate” hairspray again after a few hours? Briefly shake up the approach and you have your volume back.

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