What the world is getting by Greta Thunberg

What the world is getting by Greta Thunberg

The summer of 2018 was Sweden’s hottest in 262 years. A little 15 years girl was standing in front of the Swedish parliament in August 2018, having a placard with one line,” Strike School for the Climate Change.” Her name is Greta Thunberg. Do you think, this could make any changes? But really it made a change . Greta Thunberg became an environmental activist and leader of the new generation.

What the world is getting by Greta Thunberg

The effects of Greta Thunberg:
She was on her way to protest but social media played a vital role in this to spread the news all over the world. She has inspired a huge number of school-aged generation what has been described as,” The Greta effects.”  December 2018 more than 20,000 students had held strikes in at least 270 cities. The school strikes for climate on 20 or 27 September on 2019 were attended by over four million people, according to one of the co-organisers. That was the largest climate protest in history.

In February 2019, 224 academics signed an open letter of support stating they were inspired by the actions of Thunberg and the striking school children in making their voices heard.

In February 2019, Thunberg shared a stage with the then President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, where he outlined “In the next financial period from 2021 to 2027, every fourth euro spent within the EU budget will go towards action to mitigate climate change”.

In May 2019, a significant role in European Parliament Election had played by climate issue as Green parties recorded their highest ever score, boosting their MEP numbers from 52 to 72. Many of the gains came from northern European countries where young people have taken to the streets inspired by Thunberg.

In June 2019, Thunberg spoke by video link with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who had submitted the Green New Deal to the U.S. House of Representatives in February 2019, which calls for the United States to achieve “net-zero” greenhouse gases within a decade. They discussed how it feels when their views are not taken seriously because they are young, and what tactics really work. A YouGov poll in Britain found that public concern about the environment had waved to record levels in the UK since Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion had “pierced the bubble of denial”.

In June 2019, Swedish Railways (SJ) reported that the number of Swedes taking the train for domestic journeys had risen by 8% from the previous year, reflecting growing public concern about the impact of flying on CO.

2 emissions that are highlighted by Thunberg’s refusal to fly to international conferences. Greta Thunberg’s mom Melana Ernman had given up her international opera career due to reducing her carbon footprint. Being embarrassed or ashamed to take a plane because of its environmental impact has been described on social media as flygskam or ‘shame of flying’, along with the hashtag #jagstannarpåmarken, which translates as #istayontheground.

In August 2019, publication and sales of children’s books about the climate crisis reportedly doubled. Publishers attribute this to the “Greta effect”. Wealthy philanthropists and investors like Trevor Neilson( inspired by Greta Thunberg )from the United States have donated almost half a million pounds to support Extinction Rebellion and school strike groups to establish the Climate Emergency Fund.

What the world is getting by Greta ThunbergMore girls are taking actions on climate change through technology and activism. This may well be the Greta Thunberg effect like in Kazakhstan a group of girls named team Coco came up a new app called Teco. Kazakhstan has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, and oil exports comprise over three-quarters of its national GDP and have many climate issues like air pollution. So this team Coco decided to make Kazakhstani more eco-friendly and that will be helpful for future planet. In the U.K.  a programme called FutureMakers, created by Sage Foundation Jenatie Ganesharajah and Stacy D’Souza, have come up with an object recognition software seeking to catalogue marine life, to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 14. They designed a public catalogue of marine species using image recognition. That will be helpful for 3 billion people who are depended on marine and coastal biodiversity. Yeah in past the girls also had concerns about climate but now they are talking and taking action.

Greta Thunberg is doing all her capable option to reduce her carbon footprint she became vegan, quit to use aircraft even for any national and international conference. In December 2019, she is set to attend the UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Chile. 3 December 2019 she reached Lisbon, Portugal after 3 weeks sea journey. But her impact never stopped. From many apart side of the world like Kyiv , Ukraine ; Kampala, Uganda; San Josè, Costa Rica; Leipzig , Germany; Missoula,Montana; Belgium; Berlin; Kerala, India; Hiroshima, Japan; South Africa; Bacau, Romania; Philippines; Vienna, Australia; Dhaka ,Bangladesh; Potsdam, Garmany; Thailand ; Pune, India and many others countries protesters are outspread her protest by social media.

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