The POSTER CHILD of climate change

germanwatch report 2019
photo: germanwatch report 2019

The past, present and future connections and conditions of Bangladesh environment

Bangladesh is the name of a small country with a huge population which is situated on the Southside of the Asian Continent. Climate change is now a worldwide problem but that doesn’t mean every country is in the same danger zone. Large or little, now or later, we all are tasting the flavor of climate change. But the position of Bangladesh is not good.

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You can easily have an idea that how Bangladesh and Bangladeshi are connected with climate. International research organization – GARMANWATCH had published a global climate risk index (CRI) in 2010 according to that Bangladesh is leading in the list of 10 countries that can have an aggressive loss due to Climate change. The global climate risk index of 2019 GARMANWATCH declared the most 10 affected countries name by climate change where Bangladesh gains the position of no: 9. Actually Bangladesh is an overpopulated country that’s why any kind of little Climate change can be taken a big amount of lives. Due to Climate change, the level of the sea is rising. The rising seas will greatly change the way of living near the ocean. Countries like Bangladesh which has coastal lowland will be extremely affected as the seas rise. Based on calculations of casualties for rising sea level due to climate change, the worldwide researchers have named Bangladesh as a POSTER CHILD of climate change.

Bangladesh is a low-lying deltaic country which faces the BAY of BENGAL. Bangladesh has a long history of natural disasters. It experienced 219 natural disasters between 1998- 2008. Mainly the coastal area of Bangladesh suffered from natural hazards. Bangladesh suffers from floods, cyclones, storm surge, riverbank erosion, earthquake, drought, salinity intrusion, fire and tsunami and those take a huge amount of lives and assets.
Climate changing situation can be doomed not only human life but also the wildlife of Bangladesh. Already a huge number of people became homeless because of flood and every year new amounts are adding with this. These people are coming to the city which already overpopulated. This extra weight can’t be a good experience for the cities’ environment and for city life. A report ” The gathering Strom: climate change clouds the future of children in Bangladesh” by UNICEF says due to climate change the places of a coastal lowland in Bangladesh are the riskiest area where 1 crore and 90 lacs children are living. UNICEF also said to arise the world’s helping hand for Bangladesh there are having the risk of life on 1 child out of 3 children for upcoming flood and cyclone.

The finance basement of Bangladesh mainly depends upon agriculture. Already the total number of rivers became half and those are existing their condition is not so good. In the present time where the cyclone heads under a decade, it’s becoming in a very short time after a break. That’s all are not every time deadly but a little bit vibration fishermen couldn’t go to the sea sites. There are about 5.5 million people connected with fisheries. What will happen to them? The main sector of tourism like Cox Bazar sea beach will not be safe for tourists and others can be disappeared. Because of climate change, a big portion of land will be under inland. That means a legit number of farmers will be homeless, work less the shortage of land. But in Bangladesh, every square foot land is very essential for overpopulation. Sundarban the shield of Bangladesh is a great place for tourists. The main attraction of Sundarban is Royal Bengal tiger can’t survive in this changing climate. A change in the eating cycle can claim great negativity in the environment. I am explaining to you a short example. Like owl is a type of bird, it’s living in the jungle, hunting in night at least 17/18 rats. But due to Climate change, this creature can be disappeared. One hand the rat hunters can’t survive other hand cities are protected zone for rats production. A health disaster like the plague can easily affect the human. In short an exact situation like the story of ” The pied Piper of Hamelin .” Extinction of one creature a huge change in the life cycle because we all are connected. After all discussion 5 main risk points which are waiting for Bangladesh I write down below :
1. The productivity of crops and luckless of drinking water will increase for salinity intrusion due to rising water levels.
2. An extensive land will be underwater.
3. 42 % of Sundarban will be extincted, islands like St. Martin can be disappeared.
4. The number of droughts and cyclones will be increased.
5. The level of water can suddenly increase in the river and suddenly will decrease due to the rising velocity of wind for this the number of hazards increases and people will be affected by various types of insects attacks.

In global climate change, there is a total contribution all over the world’s people especially from cities and industrial areas. The unplanned urbanization, industrialization, tree demolition are the main reasons. But when it’s time to get results everywhere is not in the same danger. The most possible threatening situation has to face some countries people like Bangladesh and this simple living person have no idea what is waiting for them in the future.

Rowshon Ara
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  1. I have learned so many things about the climate change form you discussion.
    Thank you so for this valuable post.
    In this time Bangladesh is very danger for reason of climate.
    We have so many River which is block but if it will working we will not pace like that problem.


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