Climate change and Global warming

Climate of Bangladesh

The world’s climate is changed drastically. Global warming is the main effect of climate change. But when it’s time to talk about climate change and Global warming, some people mix both and become confused. It’s happening in the same case of climate and weather.

Weather is an atmosphere of the typical local area where the climate is worldwide. Suppose if anyone doesn’t like his local area’s weather he can shift. Like he can go to other places, the city or abroad. He can go to a desert or icy place. These two places have totally two different weather. But still, he is in the same climate. Actually he needs a time machine for entering another climate. That’s impossible. Because in one time all over the world have the same climate but not the same weather.

The planet’s climate has been changing constantly over geological time. This current year’s temperature is increasing more rapidly than in any past days. Global warming is the vital sign of global climate change . Where climate change means the greenhouse effect, rising sea level, rising temperature, extreme weather conditions, shifting wildlife population and many other things impacts. Global warming is the long-term rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system . All this declared that global warming is only an impact actually the main impact of climate change. The effects of global warming also under climate change.

The average annual temperature of the earth’s surface has risen since the late 1800s from the industrial revolution. The scientific community has collected and studied continuously about this matter. About global warming, warning started making headline backs in the late 1980s .97% The climate scientist comes to the conclusion that global warming is mostly man-made. Some points are also having due to natural.

Now every life of this planet is feeling the sensation of global warming. So much wildlife animal has vanished from this planet and some are on the way. The effects of global warming melt iceberg, rising sea level, regional change on participation, more frequent extreme events like heatwave and expansion of deserts. Ocean acidification is occurring global warming as well as the greenhouse effect. In the summer season, the weather gives us a feeling of the oven. Overall higher temperature brings more rain and snowfall other hands some regions droughts and wildfire increase instead. Rising sea level flood is becoming common in the coastal areas. Global warming threatens to diminish crop yields, harming food security. Above all one side can be totally dry another side can be under the water due to climate change. Ultimately we are in a danger zone.

Our planet is ours. We consider this planet as our home. Having a safe home is the right of humans. So all over the world, every human should be raising their hands to save this planet. Now we are affected by the effects of global warming. Can you imagine what will be waited for our future generations? Not only the climate scientist, government, some international or national organization but also all humans have to understand this is a universal problem.

Rowshon Ara/RA -03/2019

Rowshon Ara
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  1. Yes you are said very well.
    We need to save our planet in this world if we want a very good climate.
    We are making this problem for us and our future generations.
    If we are not be careful it will be becoming very harmful for the world.
    We have to reduce the industrial population for this reason.
    We need to planet more trees .
    Thank you so much for your good article.
    Have a nice sleep.

    • Good morning . I think I didn’t make any late for answering . We are living in difference part of the world still we are sharing same climate . So we should make our little step for our planet . One for all , all for one .


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