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Whatever whereas any typical or strange fact about Bangladesh, BD news is here to give you the latest announcement with Bangladesh Newspapers list. Bangla Desk BD news gives you recent updates news to all mass communication media. BD news and all recent updates of Bangladesh including Bangladeshi newspaper, BD TV, BD radio and online news portal of Bangladesh.
List of all the newspapers in Bangladesh: Here the list of all printed newspapers in Bangladesh with all BD online news portal, BD radio, and BD TV list. The viewer could know 24/7 all around BD news including breaking news, politics, sports, business-related, entertainment, editorial, lifestyle and much more. Here you will find ‍all the bd news about every media in Bangladesh Newspapers.

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Bangladesh is a very small country in South Asia with 1,47,570 square kilometers. Bangladesh has about 16 crores of the population which too much according to its total area. Globalization, spreading education, new technology all are affected the nation countywide. This changed the lifestyle, thoughts, culture and this revolution has been happening very fast. Every day so much incident, issue, event, fact are occurring globally. People want to know nationwide news of Bangladesh, the effects on Bangladesh worldwide change. Everyday Bangladeshi people search bd news of 24 hours. It's obvious for grabbing most updated bd news, multimedia is the best way rather follow one tv channel or news portal.

Before Liberation in Bangladesh in 1964 first time television was introduced. After liberation in 1971, the state-owned single broadcaster Bangladesh Television or BTV. Broadcasting is the distribution of audio and video content to a radiated audience via any audio or visual mass communication medium. Usually, one electromagnetic radiation is used on broadcasting. There are several methods used for broadcasting. Bangla Desk BD news gives you recent updates news to all mass communication media. BD news and all recent updates of Bangladesh including Bangladeshi newspaper, BD TV, BD radio and online news portal of Bangladesh.


BD TV: Terrestrial Television Broadcasting

However after liberation BD TV was an expensive media for most of the people at that time. In Bangladesh, only BTV is dispatched to use terrestrial television broadcasting. But something revolution happened in 2000. The third commercial channel EKUSAY television got access to terrestrial television. But it also knocked off in 2002 after reaching half of the population of the country. In Bangladesh, BTV has a constant effect on Bangladeshi culture. Still, now every National important event is being streamed live on BTV.

Satellite Television Broadcasting (BD TV)

The satellite channels are playing a vital role in order to reach the news of Bangladesh and it's culture to the Bengali people residing in different corners of the world. The license of satellite television broadcasting is given from the Ministry of Information. In 1997 the first name of satellite television broadcasting channel ATN Bangla was launched. Spectrum is assigned from BTRC to those operators who have the license to establish a TV station. A total of 28 satellite television channels have been assigned spectrum from Bangladesh telecommunication regulatory commission (BTRC).

Different platforms for watching live BD TV

Bangla (BD) RADIO

BD radio: One invention does not reach perfection in a single day. It's an outcome of years of research and hard work. Many works to invent one thing at the same time. The invention of radio communication although generally assigned to Guglielmo Marconi in 1890. There are many controversies around the radio invention. Jagadish Chandra Bose was another claimant of radio inventor. Institute of electrical and electronics engineers IEEE named him one of the 'father of radio science'.

According to history, many were connected with the invention of the radio. The radio, the telephone, and the telegraph these three technologies are very closely related and the time of invention. The technology of signaling and communicating using radio waves is called radio. In radio communication systems, information is carried across space using radio waves. Radio waves are electromagnetic waves of frequency between 30 hertz(Hz) and 300 gigahertz (GHz). Radio is very widely used in modern technology, in radio communication, radar, radio navigation, remote control, remote sensing, and other applications. Radio waves have the capacity to send out speech, music, picture and all other data through the air. After the invention of radio communication drastically changing happened in the world's communication system.

FM Radio Broadcasting(BD Radio)

The license of FM radio broadcasting is also given from the Ministry of Information. One and only state-owned radio broadcasting station of Bangladesh is Bangladesh Betar which was established during the liberation war in 1971. BTRC has been assigned 25 private organizations for FM broadcasting.

Listen to Bangladesh(BD RADIO) betar live

Community BD Radio Broadcasting

BD News Community Radio BroadcastingProviding information specific locality, Bangladesh government passed Community BD Radio Installation, Transmission and Operation Guideline-2008. The main approach of community radio broadcasting is to telecast important information to the people of rural areas. As community radio broadcasting serves in a specific area, there has been a plan taken to reach the whole country.

List of all the newspapers in Bangladesh

List of all the Bangladesh Newspapers: Statistics of registered newspapers

Newspaper registration is issued from the registration brunch of the Bangladesh film and publishing department under the ministry of information. As a report of January 2020 by the directorate of film and publication, Bangladesh has 3164 registered newspapers (without Online News portal) where 1328 newspapers published from Dhaka district and 1836 newspapers are published from other districts. Of these 1277 are daily newspaper,1206 weekly, 3 half-weekly, Fortnightly 215, monthly 421, bimonthly 8, quarterly 29, half-yearly 2 and yearly 2.

Statistics of registered newspapers across Bangladesh

SerialType of NewspapersPublished from DhakaPublished from MofussilTotal
02Half weekly-33

Sources of information:Bangladesh film and publishing department under the ministry of information

Bangladesh Newspapers: List of all the newspapers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Newspapers list

SerialName of the newspaperTypePublished From
1 Bangladesh PratidinDailyDhaka
2 Prothom aloDailyDhaka
3 KalerkanthoDailyDhaka
7Amader shomoyDailyDhaka
8 SamakalDailyDhaka
9 Manob kanthaDailyDhaka
10 Alokito BangladeshDailyDhaka
11 Vorer PataDailyDhaka
12 Sakaler KhaborDailyDhaka
13 Bhorer KagojDailyDhaka
14 Bonik BartaDailyDhaka
15 InqilabDailyDhaka
16 The Financial ExpressDailyDhaka
17Manab ZaminDailyDhaka
18Naya DigantaDailyDhaka
20jai jai dinDailyDhaka
21Amader OrthoneetiDailyDhaka
22Bhorer DakDailyDhaka
23Amar BartaDailyDhaka
24Ajkaler KhoborDailyDhaka
26The Daily StarDailyDhaka
28Amar SangbadDailyDhaka
29The IndependentDailyDhaka
30Daily SunDailyDhaka
31Dainik BanglaDailyDhaka
32The Daily ObserverDailyDhaka
33dainik khoborDailyDhaka
34The New AgeDailyDhaka
35Dhaka TribuneDailyDhaka
38Ajker SangbadDailyDhaka
40Amader ShomoyDailyDhaka
41The News TodayDailyDhaka
42The Bangladesh TodayDailyDhaka
43The New NationDailyDhaka
45Sangbad PratidinDailyDhaka
46Hazarika PratidinDailyDhaka
47Bongo JononiDailyDhaka
51Oporadh kanthoDailyDhaka
53Khola KagojDailyDhaka
54Prothom SangbadDailyDhaka
58Ajker JibonDailyDhaka
59Ajker ProttashaDailyDhaka
60Diner ShesheyDailyDhaka
62Dhaka ReportDailyDhaka
63Dainik DhakaDailyDhaka
64Sonali BartaDailyDhaka
65The Daily TribunalDailyDhaka
66Citizen TimesDailyDhaka
67The Muslim TimesDailyDhaka
68The Daily Evening NewsDailyDhaka
69Al IhsanDailyDhaka
70Ekushey SangbadDailyDhaka
71Rupali DeshDailyDhaka
72The Daily EarthDailyDhaka
75Vorer KonthoDailyDhaka

Bangladesh Newspapers list

SerialName of the newspaperTypePublished From
78Sabuj DeshDailyDhaka
79The Daily Morning GloryDailyDhaka
80The Good MorningDailyDhaka
81Arthoniti ProtidinDailyDhaka
82Mukta KhabarDailyDhaka
83The Daily People’s TimeDailyDhaka
84Natun DinDailyDhaka
85Alor DigantaDailyDhaka
86Desher PotroDailyDhaka
87Alor BartaDailyDhaka
88The Banner DailyDhaka
89Aajker ProbhatDailyDhaka
90Vorer AwazDailyDhaka
91AL aminDailyDhaka
93Desh PatrikaDailyDhaka
94Dainik AnupamaDailyDhaka
96Sakal BelaDailyDhaka
97ajker sotter aloDailyDhaka
98Desh BartaDailyDhaka
99Diner AloDailyDhaka
100Bhorer SomoyDailyDhaka
101Dhaka DialogueDailyDhaka
102Asian ExpressDailyDhaka
103Swadhin SangbadDailyDhaka
104Asia BaniDailyDhaka
105Jatio ArthonitiDailyDhaka
106Shadhin VashaDailyDhaka
107Dainik niropekkhoDailyDhaka
108Janatar SangbadDailyDhaka
109Bangladesh KanthaDailyDhaka
110Arthoniteer KagojDailyDhaka
112Banglar DootDailyDhaka
113Unnayan bartaDailyDhaka
114Amar KagojDailyDhaka
115Anna DigantaDailyDhaka
116Joy BanglaDailyDhaka
118Prothom BhorDailyDhaka
119Alor JagatDailyDhaka
120Morning ObserverDailyDhaka
121Amader KanthaDailyDhaka
122Swadhin BanglaDailyDhaka
124Sonar AloDailyDhaka
126Capital NewsDailyDhaka
127Sabuj NishanDailyDhaka
128Polli BanglaDailyDhaka
129Dainik SurjodoyDailyDhaka
130Dainik NobobaniDailyDhaka
131Daily MuktomotDailyDhaka
132Daily TarbartaDailyDhaka
133daily IndustryDailyDhaka
134Ushar BaniDailyDhaka
135Sangbad MohonaDailyDhaka
136DHAKAR DAKDailyDhaka
137Ajker PadmaDailyDhaka
138Economic PostDailyDhaka
139Ajker BashundharaDailyDhaka
140Nabo ChatonaDailyDhaka
141Dainik MatrivashaDailyDhaka
142The News LineDailyDhaka
143Orthonitir khoborDailyDhaka
145Dainik OjanaDailyDhaka
146Ajker OgrabaniDailyDhaka
147Omor BanglaDailyDhaka
148Dainik OdhinayokDailyDhaka
149Sonaly KhoborDailyDhaka
150Dainik AmjantaDailyDhaka

Bangladesh Newspapers: List of all the newspapers in Bangladesh

List of all the newspapers in Bangladesh: Newspaper is a source of knowledge. Reading newspapers is a great source of gain knowledge about national, international, sports, media, most happening news, etc. It's a good habit to gain knowledge. And it can best part when you read the newspaper every day. In Bangladesh, a list of some names of the newspaper is Prothom Alo, Jugantor, Inqilab, the daily star, the daily sun, the Financial express, Bangladesh today, Daily Tribune, the independent, the new age, etc. List of all newspapers you can find in the BD desk. You can choose anyone from the list of newspaper and you can read this from the online portal. BD news and all recent updates of Bangladesh including Bangladeshi newspaper, BD TV, BD radio and online news portal of Bangladesh.

It does not matter in the way or national or international. If anyone reads a newspaper daily he can gain knowledge, his vocabulary will stong, he will start to understand better the language. Ultimately he can have fluency in language skills. This is so important to know countrywide news no matter what it can be on online BD news. With the advantage of the technology now you can read and gather BD News from anywhere.

Bangladeshi Newspapers
published from Dhaka

SerialName of the newspaper
151Dainik Ajkal
152Dainik Amader dinguli
153Dainik Amader Asha
154Dainik Ajker Awaz
155Dainik Amar Bangla
156Dainik Amar Vasha
157Dainik Ajker Bani
158Dainik Somoyer Pata
159Dainik Prime Khobor
160Dainik Alokito Prithibi
161Dainik Ajker Jandesh
162Daily Our Time
163Dainik Insaf Barta
164Dainik Insaniyat
165Dainik Yaad
166Dainik Ittesal
167Dainik Ittehad
168Dainik Asia
169Daily Asia Post
170Ei desh Ei din
171Daynik Ekusher Bani
172Ekushey Sangbad
173Dainik Oikko Bani
174Dainik Kissan
175Capital Views
176Dainik Caption
177Dainik ka kha gha
178Dainik Kolodhoni
179Dainik Bangla 71
180Dainik Crime News
181Khola Bazar
182Dainik Gono todonto
183Dainik Choukos
184Dainik Chobbis Ghonta
185Dainik Challenge
186Dainik Janatar Bani
187Dainik Jatio Bani
188Dainik Jatir Kanto
189Dainik jimly
190Dainik Jonopod
191Dainik Jonobani
192Dainik Jagoron
193Dainik Tarmigan
194Dainik Dhaka Prokash
195Dainik Desh Seba
196Dainik Natun Dhara
197Dainik Natun Sangbad
198News Star
199Dainik Naya bongo bazar
200Dainik Nitto Din
201Dainik Durnitir Akhra
202Dainik Nya Jamana
203Daily News Time
204Dainik Nyadesh
205Dainik Nobo Kanto
206Dainik Nya Shatabdi
207Dainik Nobo Ovizan
208Dainik Natun Alo
209Dainik Nobo Jibon
210The Daily People
211Dainik Prochar Proyojon
212Dainik Potrika
213Dainik Purbo Alo
214Dainik Prime
215Dainik Prokrito chitro
216Dainik Purbavash
217Dainik Prithibir Alo
218Dainik Pother Alo
219Dainik Prothom Dhara
220Dainik Protusher Alo
221Daily Provatbela
222Dainik Paygam
223Patrika Pratidin
224Positive Bangladesh
225Daily Panjeree
226Dainik fasol
227Dainik Flock
228The Free Dialogue
229Daily Bani
230Business Today
231Bangladesh Sangbad
232Dainik Bastobayon
233Daily BBC Post
234Bangladesher Alo
235Dainik Banglar Alo
236Daily Bishan
237Dainik Bartoman Katha
238Dainik Bangla Dhara
239Dainik Barta Saroni
240Dainik 71 pratidin
241Dainik Sangbad pratikhon
242Dainik Bhassokar
243Vorer Akash
244Dainik Biddasagor
245Dainik Vor
246Bhorer Darpan
247 Dainik Vorer chobi
248Vorer Sanglap
249Vorer chetona

BD NEWS: BD Online News

Technology gives a new turn in Bangladesh. Obviously mobile technology has affected greatly the Matter of the Internet. The percentage of literacy in Bangladesh 73.9 %. The new lettered generation give more importance internet than broadcasting media or printed newspaper. In Bangladesh 9 crores 24 lacs are mobile internet use where the total number of Internet users is 9 crores 81 lacs. According to BTRC the amount it internet users rise 19 lacs 60 thousand in August 2019 just in one month. To grab the attention of this huge number of internet user most of the media not only tv channels but also printed newspapers started to publish online news.

Why you go anywhere else when BANGLA DESK gives you all mass communication media information in one BD News page. BD news page is extremely different to serve our reader all updates of Bangladesh. Follow our page 24/7 to know the best news from the most popular and trustworthy source.